If you are thinking about getting braces as an adult, I know how confusing this can be. Why? Because I was just like you and was recently in the same situation you are in. 

This course is a collection of everything I have learned both as an adult patient and now working in orthodontics where I help orthodontists to better engage with their patients.

This course will help save you time, money, and from making costly mistakes by choosing the wrong type of treatment.

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So many choices!

Do you go to a dentist, a specialist orthodontist or get aligners delivered to your door? Should you get fixed clear braces, removable aligners or go the traditional route? With so many choices, where do you start? This course will take you through the steps necessary to explore and understand all your options.

You will get lot's of advice that will save you time and money. I will help you to make the right choices and to avoid costly mistakes. With lot's of tips and first-hand advice from someone who has already gone through treatment, you will quickly be in a position to confidently navigate your way towards straight teeth.

Are you ready for braces?

If you recognise any of the following, this course will help you to make the right choices

  • You have disliked your smile for a long time but don't know where to start

  • You are confused by all the choices available and don't want to make a mistake

  • You want to pick the right treatment that will get you the results you are looking for

  • You want to spend your money wisely and get the best possible value from your investment

  • You want all your questions answered so you can be sure getting braces is the right choice for you

Hello, I'm looking forward to helping you

After several rounds of unsuccessful treatment where I made some poor choices, I decided to give it one last chance and to get it right this final time.

Following many months of research, I started treatment confident that I made the right choice this time. During treatment, I became fascinated by this topic and the huge impact successful treatment has on peoples lives so started a patient-focused orthodontic blog.

This led me to be invited to become a founder member of the British Orthodontic Society Patient Panel. Fast forward a few years and I now help dentists and orthodontists to engage with their patients and to market themselves and their practices more authentically.

In this course, I will help you to avoid the problems I encountered and to make the right choices that will give you the best treatment experience.

What's included in the course

  • 1

    Getting started

    • Welcome to the course

    • What I have learned from working in orthodontics

    • A word about language

    • My experiences as a patient

    • Dental advice and some ground rules

    • Download your workbook and journal

    • Where are you now?

  • 2

    Deciding to get braces

    • Motivations for orthodontic treatment

    • The benefits of straight teeth

    • What's holding you back from starting

    • Overcoming dental anxiety

    • Making the right choices for you

    • Getting clear on your outcomes

  • 3

    Where can I get braces?

    • What choices do I have for orthodontic treatment?

    • Treatment from a Specialist Orthodontist

    • Treatment from a Dentist

    • DIY and mail order Orthodontics

    • Going overseas

    • The dental team

    • Beware false advertising and misleading claims

    • Where will you get treatment from

  • 4

    All about braces

    • Fixed metal braces

    • Fixed ceramic braces

    • Lingual (behind the teeth) braces

    • Invisalign and clear aligners

    • Other removable braces

    • What's the difference between hidden and invisible braces?

    • Self ligating brackets

    • Short term orthodontics

    • Other orthodontic appliances

    • Why I chose metal brackets

    • What type of brace do you think you will want to get?

    • Some questions to think about

  • 5

    Exploring treatment

    • Researching your options

    • Your first enquiry with the practice

    • Joining a video consultation

    • Your in-practice consultation

    • Questions for your orthodontist

    • How much does treatment cost?

    • How to save money on getting braces (without compromising your treatment)

  • 6

    Getting started

    • Making a decision about starting treatment

    • My top ten getting started tips

    • Some advice from orthodontists

  • 7

    Before you go

    • Thank you

    • End of course survey

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What you will gain from taking this course

By taking this course, you will be in a far better position to explore your options confidently

  • A clear understanding of all the choices available including the benefits and risks associated with each approach

  • Top tips and checklists to make it easier for you to make the right decisions about treatment

  • The opportunity to save money, have more productive conversations with your orthodontist and to get the right treatment for you

  • A comprehensive insight into what's involved in getting braces as an adult


  • How do I know if this course is right for me?

    Take a look at the course curriculum and see if the questions I'm answering are the ones you have. If they are, this course is for you.

  • Do you provide individual advice?

    No, this course will answer many if not all of your questions and will give you plenty of resources to enable you to confidently explore getting braces. You should only seek specific treatment advice from a dental care professional

  • How soon can I start the course?

    The course is available 'on demand' which means as soon as you sign up, it will become available to you.

  • Is this course just for UK based patients?

    No, although I'm based in the UK and some of the terms I use are based on the UK system for providing orthodontics, almost all of the content is applicable wherever you are in the world.

  • What's included in the course?

    In each section, we will explore everything you need to know about getting braces. I've included personal stories from brace wearers, research, downloadable resources and so much more.

  • Will the course be updated?

    Yes, orthodontics is changing all the time. New products and services are launched and new research provides better insights into new ways of getting your teeth straightened.

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